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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our Escape Rooms? Check our FAQs below! 

What is an escape room?


An escape room is a real-life adventure game where players are "locked" in a themed room and must solve a series of puzzles and challenges to escape within a set time limit.

How long does an escape room experience last?

Typically, our escape room experiences last around 60 minutes. This includes time for a brief introduction, the game itself, and a debriefing at the end.

How many people can participate in an escape room?


Our escape rooms are designed for groups of 2 to 6 participants, depending on the specific room. 

 Is there an age limit?

Our escape rooms are generally suitable for participants of all ages. However, some rooms may have age restrictions or recommended age ranges. Please check the room details for specific information.

Are escape rooms safe?


Yes, escape rooms are designed with safety in mind. Our rooms are monitored by staff, and emergency exits are always accessible. Additionally, our staff provides a brief safety briefing before each game

Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

We understand that plans may change. Please check our cancellation policy on the booking page for details. In some cases, you may be able to reschedule your booking.

 Are escape rooms suitable for team-building events?

Yes, escape rooms are an excellent choice for team-building activities. They promote collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills among team members.

Do I need any special skills to participate in an escape room?


No special skills are required. Escape rooms are designed to be enjoyed by people of all backgrounds. Teamwork, creativity, and a sense of adventure are all you need!

Can I bring personal belongings into the escape room?


To maintain the integrity of the game, we ask participants to leave personal belongings such as bags and phones in designated areas outside the escape room. Lockers are provided for your convenience.

Is the room accessible?


Currently, where located on the first floor which does not have an elevator. We do our very best accommodate wherever possible. Please message us to discuss your needs in detail at

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